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Aroma Beads

Use 3 oz of fragrance oil to 1 lb of beads.

These are clear plastic beads that can absorb up to 30% fragrance oil.  They are perfect for use in air freshener packets in cars, closets, drawers, luggage or your office.  These beads will out last any other air freshener, because of the amount of oil they absorb.  Any air freshener that is not heated or circulated will not throw like a candle or a tart.  Aroma Beads need to be placed in an open dish where air will circulate to allow the fragrance to flow.  The beads also need to be shaken around every now & then to refresh them and to help release the scent. You can also melt them in cookie cutters in your favorite shape such as the state of Texas or your favorite animal and hang it in your car or elsewhere.


Scoop out the desired amount of beads. Add Fragrance Oil. Add Liquid candle dye. Close container tightly and shake well. The mixture will remain in a liquid state for at least 2 days and may take up to 5 days to absorb all of the oil & dye. Do not handle product until completely absorbed. They will appear to be dry when they are ready for packaging. When ready, package into smelly jelly type jars, sachets, open dishes, plastic zip lock bags, etc. Heat will release the most fragrance in your creations. Set on a window sill (on a sunny day) for great results.


Do not set these sachets on wood surfaces as the oils can stain the wood.
Do not set them on painted surfaces or plastic surfaces as the oils can damage these surfaces.
Do not use in a tart warmer or potpourri burner as the beads are plastic and can melt.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
Do not use as candle wax.
Do not try to Light.

Disclaimer: Recommend ratio recipe is to be used as a guide only. We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results. You are responsible for your own testing. Always test.

Aroma Beads

PriceFrom $4.75
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