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Candlemaking Kit

Candlemaking Kit for beginners, which includes easy to make instructions for 12 candles. 


SW5800 Wax: 11 lb Slab

Jelly Jars (8oz) : 1 case (12 jars) with Gold Lids

Candy Thermometer

Measuring Spoon Set

Wick Bars: 6ct. 

Small Caution Labels: 100 ct.

Wicks: RRD 37 (50 ct.)

Wax & Soap Cutter

Wooden Spoon: 12"

Pouring Pot: 4 lb

Wick Stickers: 50 ct.

UV Light Stabilizer: 2oz


Linens: 2oz

Vanilla: 2oz

Apple Cinnamon: 2oz

Espresso Vanilla: 2oz

Ocean: 2oz


Red: 1oz

Yellow: 1oz

Blue: 1oz


Candlemaking Kit

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