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Dissolving Paper

Dissolving Paper-Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11". Great for printing special designs and messages for embedding into bars of melt & pour soap. Biodegradable and compostable, innovative dissolving paper is printable, and can be used for games, churches, government agencies, and in art projects. Available in a variety of sizes, the paper disappears in 30 seconds or less with water and agitation.

Dissolving Paper

PriceFrom $0.75
  • Measure mold cavities. Use a computer to create your design to fit within mold dimensions. Print design onto embed paper using a laser printer. Cut designs out then pour a thin layer of unscented clear soap into mold, spray soap with rubbing alcohol. Place embed paper printed side down into the soap. Repeat for all mold cavities and allow to harden. Prepare a white soap base. Spray clear soap with rubbing alcohol and pour melted white soap onto clear soap at a temperature below 125ºF. Spray with alcohol. Allow to harden, unmold, package, and label.

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