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wax, soy blend, paraffin and natural

Southwest Candle Supply offers the highest quality waxes for candle making, including soy blend, paraffin & natural waxes. Our popular SW-5800, an American made wax, comes in slab form and is a wonderful combination of 30% soy wax, 70% paraffin and a small amount of proprietary ingredients. This wax provides excellent cold and hot scent throw so there is no need for cure time.

We also carry the Golden Wax 464 - 100% Soy wax for containers. It is always best to cure this wax for 2 to 3 days before burning your candle. 

Due to the extreme heat in Texas, we will not ship our waxes over the weekend.  The shipment would have to stay in a hot warehouse during the shipping process and the wax may be melted before it is delivered.

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